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This is the fanfic page I hope you like it for now It's mostly BoM and Jamie fics but I take more then just them if you have X-men Evo fic you want me to post E-mail it to and I might post it enjoy

Boredom and Polish by Becs

Toby by Becs

Life styles of the Crazy and Marveled by Descendent

Flicker by Blackflame

Photo madness! By Becs

Lost Boys By redrose2310

catapults and P.V.A! by Becs

Lance and the Kids,
Masked Multiple,
and Where'd they go?
by redrose2310 will be added soon

Upcomeing storys from redrose2310 will be listed

Shaving? by Becs

You can find more of these writers work on in the LINKS