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Multiple Minds


Welcome to my web site!

NEW FANART!! JUST ADDED AUG. 1  For my baby cuz's B-day!! And new pic done by me in Jean bashing 101 too.... check it out



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This site is for X-men Evo the TV show But mostly Multiple/Jamie and the BoM boys and girl so please enjoy.
Check out the rest of this site I think you'll Like it
your host redrose2310

We post others work!!


Hey have any Jamie pics, Fanart, fictions, or anything else that has to do with Jamie Madrox A. K. A. Multiple that you want others to see. Well just e-mail it or a link to it to us and you'll see it on the site along with your name or handle. We also work on the Brotherhood of Mutants and the other new X-men.
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