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Sand, Sea, and Blood


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Chapter one

Writen by redrose2310
 Hi this fic is going to be around Joey mostly.
  If you didn't know I'll tell you the only thing in this story I own is the name and the plot okay Read away and have fun.
Heres a intro to get you were the story starts Joey is a foren child
whose Mom died when he was born his Father is a travler who never much
cared for him But puts up with him because he loved Joey's mom. There not far from Egypt they have one horse and Sayshoe "Joey's father's name in this fic" is riding it. As of now Joey's 7 years old.
Joey's P.O.V.//
 Joey looked up at his father ridding just ahead of where he was walking he was hot, swetty and thirsty but he didn't cunplain he was smart anuff to know his father hated whinning //AN: Warrning I suck at spelling and have no spell check sorry// and he didn't feel like getting wacked in the head too. His father had said it was only 4 more days tell they'd get to the big city and Joey was excited about that
he'd never been to Egypt befor and his farther said thats where the money was.
 Joey toddled behind his father for what seemed days to the small boy but was more like hours. His father looked back at him and said "I think we sould set up camp Joe" "yes sir" Joey ruplied. After helping his Father unload the horse and water and feed the anmale his father gave him his share of water he only drank alittle becouse he knew it had to last the rest of the night. Joey sat across the fire from his father as it got dark. "Well Joe I'll have to teach you to speak Egypt's languige soon" yawn "But not to night, get some sleep we leave befor dawn when it's still cool" Stayshoe said to his son "Yes father" Joey said back tieing off his water bag and started to driff of to.
 Joey was almost asleep when he heard horses in the distense "Father, father"
"Someones comeing"
"Go hide behind the duns I'll see who they are"
"Yes father" Joey grabed his water bag and hid the duns weren't far so he heard them just fine he just didn't have a clue what they wear saying
"$$#$^&^$" came his fathers voice
"^%$*#" came agruff reply
"!~$^#$#^&" his father he sounded scared and that scared the small child hidding.
"$%#*^(%#^ *^$#&%$#?" came a new voice softer then the first but he soulded mad about some thing.
"$#!& $@! &^$ * %$#@" his father sounded panicy then he started to scream Joey climed to the top of the dun were he could see without being seen there wear to men one tall, with a strong biuld and short blond hair the other was short with white hair that was spiky he was stabing Joey dad as the little boy watched on in terror but didn't make a sound. When Stayshoe stoped screaming and moving the man laghted and
turned to his friend "#%#@ &%# (^$#&%" he said in a chearful solft voice. Joey clinched his small hands in the sand as the two men took the water and horse along with most of there other belongings.
 After the two men had the boy ran down to his father who was long dead joey wept over the dead body that had been his father after comeing to his sinces a bit he looked throw what was left no water, no food, a flint rock// one them rocks that work like matches// and some close was all. He put on one of his fathers warm shirts it went to his feet and he had to roll it up alot it had 4 silver bottens on it. He put the flint rock in his a pouch he found he pulled off the buttens and put them in to he didn't want to be robbed or drawl two much attenchen then he had to he tied the pouch and his water to his side.
 Joey leened over his fathers body and saw the knife had been lift in him he pulled it out and looked at it. It was quit plain really just a blade with arope tied around it but it was what had ended his fathers life he wiped it off and put it in the rope around his waist.
 "Father, I sorry I know I wasn't a good son to you I make this right I know what I have to do I'm going to finsh the road out to Egypt then I'll, I'll killed that white haired man for this I sware" The little boy started walking knowing he didn't know how to speak to the people he was going to knowing he'd have to hide and stay out of sight he knew a foren orphen would most likely end up a slave even if he lived throw the desurt. But he had to try for his famly's honor he was the last in his line he had to get back at the white haired man if it was the last thing he did.
 The 7 year old walked staight threw the night and in to the next day
only drinking a little of the little water he did have he knew he was had to avenge his father and restore his family honor.
Next chapter up soon.                                                                   

Writen by redrose2310